Jonny Walker

Jonny Walker is a children's writer and mythology teacher.He teaches Greek Mythology, poetry and Homer's Iliad.He lives in Essex, in a house full of books, marzipan and plastic tridents. He studied Social and Political Sciences at Cambridge, and a PGCE Primary at the UCL Institute of Education.

My books

Cover of a book titled 'Myths Don't Frighten Me'. A boy holds a silver arrow and stares up at a giant Python in a shopping centre.
Cover of a book titled 'It Honked At Me, Ashwin' - a goose smiles at us, with an enormous grin.
Cover of a book titled 'Legends of Land and Sky'. Thor, the Viking god of Thunder, raises his mighty hammer.
Cover of a book titled 'Looking in the Forest'. A father and two children look up into the trees in a forest. The little girl holds binoculars.